Entrepreneur. Solutionist. Public Servant.

Family. Lawyer. Leader. 



Mountain Lakes is the

Best Place to Call Home

We are Running for Borough Council to

Help Keep it That Way

 We recognize that small communities like ours face pressures that make it difficult to preserve our quality services and special character, and we need to focus strategically on how to grow and prosper into the future. It takes strong leadership to “get things done” while managing our tax dollars responsibly, promote smart development that improves our economic well-being, protect ML’s unique characteristics and quality of life, be responsive and transparent when making decisions, and listen to and respect all voices.


Team Barnett, Holliday, Korman and Sheikh has the experience, commitment to service, and specific skill set that Mountain Lakes needs today to confront complex issues and resolve them in an understandable, sustainable way. With two candidates who are Borough Council incumbents leading since 2017, and two candidates who bring valuable new skills and voices to the table, we are excited to work together – to meet the Borough's challenges with a balanced, centrist approach that focuses on keeping Mountain Lakes the best place to call home.


Our track record shows why we are the right people for the job. We have served our Mountain Lakes government; started our own businesses; worked with government agencies and with some of the largest companies in the world; developed legal, urban planning, consulting, financial analysis, construction management and healthcare expertise; served in the U.S. military; and volunteered to better our community.


Mountain Lakes Government Service

  • Borough Council (Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Council Member)

  • Planning Board (Member)

  • Zoning Board of Adjustment (Vice Chair)

  • Environmental Commission (Chair)

  • Economic Development Advisory Committee (Member)

  • Finance Advisory Committee (Member)

  • Affordable Housing Advisory Committee (Sub-Committee Chair) 

  • Personnel Subcommittee (Member)

  • Public Safety Subcommittee (Member)

  • Public Works Subcommittee (Member)

  • Shared Services Subcommittee (Member)

  • Whippany River Watershed Action Committee (Member)

  • Shade Tree Commission (Council Liaison)

  • Health Commission (Council Liaison)

  • Recreation Commission (Council Liaison)

  • Library Board of Directors (Council Liaison)


Professional Skills

  • Legal – a key role not currently represented on Council, with experience in dispute resolution, transactional, corporate, technology, security and negotiations  

  • Urban Planning – critical as we continue to embrace smart development and examine our Master Plan

  • Consulting – finance, strategy, operations and marketing skills to identify key issues, synthesize and present information clearly, and make decisions based on facts and thoughtful analysis

  • Construction Management – essential as we embark on infrastructure and improvement projects

  • Small Business Ownership – important in understanding the needs of the many small business owners in town

  • Healthcare Industry Expertise – contributes to maintenance of appropriate public health and safety services

  • Government background – for working effectively with County, State, and Federal governing bodies

  • Military Service – leadership

We are united in our commitment to strong fiscal oversight and getting more done with less; smart development that improves our economic well-being; preserving our lakes, shade trees, woodlands, historic character, and remarkably strong community; 

and responsive leadership that listens to all voices.


We are One Community. 

Let's keep Mountain Lakes

the best place to call home.



Will You Help Keep Mountain Lakes the Best Place to Call Home? 

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